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Computers, Other Electronic Devices and Associated Fees


To define the policy and procedures regarding PAVIR support for computers, iPads, notebooks, digital cameras, cell phones, and fees for service for associated line or subscriber charges, or similar class of goods or service which may give the appearance of inurement of personal benefit. 


It is the policy of PAVIR to support the cost of electronic devices, equipment or services used in conjunction with or support of the performance of official duties while simultaneously assuring that private benefit does not inure.  Additionally, PAVIR holds high standards for data security and privacy throughout the life of PAVIR electronic devices and at the time of their disposal.


It is incumbent on PAVIR to be judicious in supporting computers and other electronic devices, especially if there is a perception that personal benefit might inure to the recipients of such support.

PAVIR's policy on computers and electronic devices has been developed with the vast majority of circumstances taken into account.  In rare instances there may be justification for exceptions to specific parts of the policy.  Exceptions must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

The following guidelines define general policy:

  1. Monthly costs for home phone lines will not be supported.
  2. Support for internet service (other than that associated with travel) will not be supported.
  3. PAVIR strongly encourages that under normal circumstances, computers will be replaced no more than once in any 36-month period.
  4. Computers, peripherals, or other electronic devices for home use are not appropriate costs for PAVIR support.
  5. Cell phone purchases and monthly fees will be supported only in extremely rare circumstances when there is a direct relationship to a VA R&D approved research project or education activity. 
  6. Digital cameras and accessories will be purchased only if there is a documented project specific need. 
  7. To ensure compliance with VA and Stanford policies regarding their use or connection to the networks, all computers and computer related purchases must be purchased through PAVIR's purchase order system.  Reimbursements for items purchased by individuals are generally not acceptable.
  8. Purchase orders for computers and electronic devices, including digital storage devices, will be reviewed by information technology staff for conformance with applicable policies depending upon the network to which the items will be connected (VA, Stanford, none).
  9. All deliveries of computers, peripherals, and other electronic devices will be made to PAVIR Core Administration where they will be tagged and documented in accordance with relevant VA policies prior to delivery to the end user. 
  10. All laptops purchased by PAVIR will be encrypted prior to delivery to the end user.

Sensitive data and programs must be removed prior to disposal of PAVIR computers and digital storage devices.  Therefore all such equipment must be turned in through PAVIR Administration for disposal. 


Anyone seeking PAVIR support for these goods or services must use the procedures described below.

  1. PAVIR will only purchase electronic devices such as computers, laptops, iPads, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc., after a Request for Electronic Devices is in place.
  2. Items exceeding $5,000 will be managed in accordance with PAVIR’s Equipment Policy.
  3. Consult for proper disposal of PAVIR computers and electronic devices.
  4. PAVIR encourages PIs and their staff to contact PAVIR purchasing ( for additional information.  Rather than acquiring or contracting for these goods or services and then seeking reimbursement from PAVIR, Principal Investigators must submit the request to Purchasing for acquisition.  In this way, no expenditure is made for something which may not be appropriate for PAVIR support.

Board approved:  April 1, 2015

Last Modified: February 6, 2017 7:22pm