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Most forms are provided in two file formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files for those who wish to print and fill out forms by hand or typewriter, and;
  • Excel (XLS) or Word documents (DOC) can be filled out on a computer and then printed for signature.

Drug Request Form
This form must accompany any requisition for drugs, whether for use in animals or human subjects.

Purchase Requisition - Fillable
Preferred method to initiate a purchase for those researchers not utilizing PAVIR's online procurement software, ReQlogic.  This is the form to fill out for any items you would like PAVIR to order for you, or for vendors requiring a purchase order before performing a service.
Purchase Requisition - To Print and Write on
This version of the form is only for those who do not wish to use the electronic, auto-calculating, version above.
Request for Electronic Devices or Associated Fees
Must accompany a Purchase Requisition for any data storing devices.
Travel Reimbursement

To be submitted with all required receipts and documentation for local and out of town travel.


Non-Exempt Travel Approval
Required for all Non-Exempt PAVIR employees who travel for business.

Business Meeting Expense

This form is to be used to request reimbursement for business meetings.  The form includes space for listing attendees and topics to justify business meeting expenses.

Check Request
Purchases using PAVIR administered funds should be initiated in ReQlogic or by a Purchase Requisition.  In rare cases where advance placement of a requisition is not possible, check request forms may be used to request reimbursements of money spent.

Requisition for Independent Contractor

This agreement must be executed by PAVIR's Chief Executive Officer prior to any arrangements being made with a potential consultant or independent contractor.

Justification for Late Submission

This form must accompany travel and/or miscellaneous expense reimbursement requests submitted more than sixty days after completing travel or incurring expense.

Payment for Services

This form is used to initiate payments to Independent Contractors or Speakers.

Request for Prior Approval of Travel

While not required, it is in a traveler's best interest to use this form to gain approval of travel expenditures before the trip.

Sole Source Justification Form

This form is used to explain the circumstances when a large purchase is requested  utilizing a sole source vendor.

Subject Payment Request

Used for requesting payments to research subjects.


This IRS form certifies the SSN or TIN of a potential PAVIR payee.

Contracts & Grants

Request to Submit Proposal with Low Indirect Costs

For approval to submit an application which only allows an indirect cost rate of 15% or lower


Cost Transfer Justification
Use this form to explain why expenses need to move from one PAVIR Account to another.

Education Activity Request

This form documents approval or disapproval of an educational activity to be administered by PAVIR.

Principal Investigator Certifications and Assurances

This form is to be completed by the P.I. when submitting a proposal unless the submission is for an already active project from the same sponsor. 

Human Resources

Telecommuting Request

Please see the Telecommuting Policy for more information


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