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Contract and Grant Assignments by PI/Service

Contracts & Grants provides pre- and post-award administrative services for research and education activities at the Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System.  To find your Contracts & Grants Analyst (CGA) for post-award assistance, use the search field below.

Assistance with industry sponsored studies:
Note that if you have an assigned member of the CRADAs team, that person is listed after your CGA.

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PI Assignment List

Last Name First Name Service Pre Award Post Award
Aalami Oliver Surgery Karam
Abrams Geoff Surgery Allison
Adamson Maheen Polytrauma Allison
Agloria Maliha Medical Daniel
Ahluwalia Arlina Medical Allison
Alvarez Jennifer Psychology Jinmei
Andriacchi Thomas Research & Development Allison
Arya Shirpa Surgery Allison
Asch Steven HSR&D Daniel
Ashford Wes WRIISC Jinmei
Assimes Tim Medical Karam
Azhar Salman GRECC Daniel
Backhus Leah Surgery Allison
Backus Lisa Surgery Allison
Barnett Paul Research & Development Marisela
Barr Juliana Anesthesiology Marisela
Bayley Peter WRIISC Marisela
Beaudreau Sherry Psychiatry Jinmei
Beaupre Gary Research & Development Bertha
Belitskaya-Levy Ilana Research & Development Allison
Bertaccini Edward Anesthesiology Marisela
Blonigen Daniel HSR&D Marisela
Boden Matthew HSR&D Marisela
Breland Jessica Research & Development Allison
Brennan Penny Research & Development Daniel
Burdon Thomas Surgery Allison
Butcher Eugene Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Allison
Carlson Eve Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Jinmei
Chan David HSR&D Bertha
Chang James Surgery Daniel
Chang Stephanie Radiology Marisela
Chee Christine Research & Development Allison
Cheng Jauhtai Psychiatry Jinmei
Cheung Ramsey Gastroenterology Allison
Chitkara Rajinder Medical Allison
Chu Constance Surgery Daniel
Chua Katrin GRECC Bertha
Chum Helen Research & Development Elaine
Chung Lorinda Medical Daniel
Clark David Anesthesiology Marisela
Cloitre Marylene Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Cockerham Glenn Surgery Allison
Creasey Graham Spinal Cord Injury Jinmei
Cronkite Ruth Research & Development Bertha
Curtin Catherine Surgery Bertha
Dalman Ronald Surgery Jinmei
Das Millie Medical Allison
Davies M. Frances Research & Development Marisela
Divi Vasu Surgery Allison
Do Bao Radiology Marisela
Drescher Kent Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Dunn Tamara Medical Jinmei
Durazzo Timothy Psychiatry Jinmei
Eftekhari Afsoon Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Eisenberg Dan Surgery Allison
Ennis Daniel Research & Development Marisela
Etkin Amit Psychiatry Jinmei
Fairchild Kaci Psychiatry Marisela
Fann James Surgery Bertha
Fearon William Medical Jinmei
Fenn Howard Psychiatry Bertha
Finlay Andrea HSR&D Marisela
Fong Dean Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Daniel
Fox Paige Surgery Marisela
Frayne Susan Medical Allison
Friday Karen Medical Jinmei
Friedland Shai Medical Bertha
Furst Ansgar Psychiatry Jinmei
Gaba David Anesthesiology Allison
Gale Randy HSR&D Marisela
Gao Gordon Medical Allison
Giacomini John Medical Daniel
Giannitrapani Karleen Research & Development Allison
Gidwani Risha HERC Karam
Gifford Elizabeth PERC Daniel
Giori Nicholas Surgery Allison
Glenn Jeffrey Gastroenterology Allison
Gold Garry Radiology Marisela
Goldberg Jeffrey Ophthamology Allison
Goldschmidt Leonard Surgery Bertha
Goldstein Andrea Research & Development Jinmei
Goldstein Mary GRECC Bertha
Goronzy Jorg Medical Daniel
Gould Christine GRECC Bertha
Greenberg Harry Research & Development Elaine
Haber Randy Research & Development Jinmei
Hadeiba Husein Research & Development Daniel
Hallenbeck James Medical Daniel
Harris Odette Polytrauma Elaine
Harrison T. Kyle Anesthesiology Marisela
Hasson Noelle Pharmacy Daniel
Hawn Mary Surgery Allison
He Xiaosong Research & Development Elaine
Heidenreich Paul Medical Allison
Heinz Adrienne Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Hentz Vincent Surgery Allison
Hoffman Andrew Medical Daniel
Holodniy Mark Public Health Jinmei
Holty Jon-Erik Pulmonary Karam
Howard Steven Anesthesiology Marisela
Hsieh Susie Research & Development Allison
Hu Jifan Research & Development Jinmei
Huang Ngan Research & Development Daniel
Huang Ting-Ting GRECC Marisela
Huh Terri GRECC Daniel
Humphreys Keith HSR&D Daniel
Indelli Pier Research & Development Karam
Ingalla Shanida Surgery Allison
Ingalla Shanida Surgery Allison
Jacobs Josephine HERC Marisela
Jain Shaili Psychiatry Jinmei
Jamison Rex Medical Jinmei
Jaworski Beth Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Jensen Kristin Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Daniel
Jiang Xinguo Research & Development Jinmei
Johanson Lisa Research & Development Jinmei
Kahn James Medical Allison
Karandikar Ninad Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Marisela
Kasl-Godley Julia Psychology Jinmei
Katznelson Laurence Medical Allison
Khavari Paul Dermatology Allison
Kimerling Rachel Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Jinmei
Kingery Wade Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Marisela
Kinoshita Lisa Psychiatry Jinmei
Kiratli Jenny Spinal Cord Injury Bertha
Kraemer Fredric Medical Allison
Krauss Jeffrey Spinal Cord Injury Daniel
Kuhn Eric Psychiatry Jinmei
Kuschner Ware Medical Karam
Lai Jennifer Dermatology Allison
Lai Sandy Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Marisela
Lambach Becky Research & Development Bertha
Lane Geoffrey Psychology Jinmei
Lavelle John Surgery Allison
Lee Jennifer Medical Marisela
Lee Tina Psychiatry Karam
Lemke Sonne HSR&D Jinmei
Leppert John Surgery Daniel
Leung Lawrence Medical Elaine
Leung Loh-Shan Ophthamology Allison
Lewis Eleanor PERC Daniel
Liao Joseph Surgery Bertha
Lighthall Geoffrey Anesthesiology Bertha
Lin Albert Medical Jinmei
Linder Steven Spinal Cord Injury Daniel
Lindley Steven Psychiatry Marisela
Lit Yiming Medical Marisela
Liu Jingwen Research & Development Marisela
Lorenz Karl HSR&D Jinmei
Louie Christine Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Allison
Luo Jian Research & Development Elaine
Lyon Michael Medical Allison
Mackintosh Margaret Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Madore Michelle WRIISC Jinmei
Maltzman Jonathan Medical Daniel
Mariano Edward Anesthesiology Bertha
Marinkovich Peter Dermatology Allison
Massaband Payam Radiology Jinmei
Mccaslin-Rodrigo Shannon Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Karam
Mclean Carmen Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Mcnerney Windy Psychiatry Karam
Meyer Timothy Medical Marisela
Midboe Amanda HSR&D Jinmei
Miles Gary Psychology Jinmei
Mirch-Kretschmann Susan Psychology Jinmei
Miyahara Randell Pharmacy Daniel
Mole Larry Center For Quality Management In Public Health Bertha
Morser M. John Research & Development Elaine
Moses James Jr. Psychology Daniel
Mudumbai Seshadri Anesthesiology Karam
Myers Jonathan Research & Development Bertha
Myung David Surgery Allison
Nallamshetty Shriram Medical Daniel
Nevedal Andrea HSR&D Marisela
Nguyen Michelle Radiology Marisela
Nguyen Patricia Medical Daniel
Nicolls Mark Medical Jinmei
O'hara Ruth Psychiatry Jinmei
Olcott Eric Radiology Marisela
Oliva Elizabeth PERC Daniel
Osborne Thomas Radiology Daniel
Ostacher Michael Psychiatry Jinmei
Osterberg Lars Medical Karam
Ota Doug Spinal Cord Injury Bertha
Owen Jason Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Marisela
Owens Douglas Medical Allison
Padula Claudia MIRECC Marisela
Pan Jennifer Gastroenterology Allison
Pao Alan Medical Marisela
Patel Manali Medical Karam
Periyakoil Vyjeyanthi Extended Care Marisela
Pershing Suzann Surgery Allison
Phibbs Ciaran HERC Jinmei
Pinto Harlan Medical Karam
Poole John Psychology Marisela
Price Elizabeth Medical Elaine
Punj Vandana Spinal Cord Injury Daniel
Rabkin Ralph Medical Marisela
Rando Thomas Research & Development Allison
Reimer Richard Neurology Jinmei
Relman David Medical Marisela
Rhee Ina Medical Allison
Robinson William GRECC Daniel
Rodriguez Carolyn Psychiatry Jinmei
Rogers Ian Medical Jinmei
Ropacki Susan Polytrauma Allison
Rose Jonathon Psychology Jinmei
Rose Sophia Miryam Spinal Cord Injury Daniel
Rosen Allyson Psychiatry Bertha
Rosen Craig Psychiatry Marisela
Roth Walton Psychiatry Marisela
Rouse Robert Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Daniel
Russell Sarah Medical Marisela
Ruzek Josef Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Sahay Anju Research & Development Allison
Sato Tohru Gastroenterology Allison
Scanlon Blake MIRECC Marisela
Schaefer Jeanne PERC Daniel
Schmidt Eric PERC Daniel
Schutte Kathleen Office Of The Director Daniel
Segall George Nuclear Medicine Allison
Sen Adrish Research & Development Elaine
Shah Rajesh Radiology Karam
Shankar Kamala Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Marisela
Shen Wen-Jun Research & Development Daniel
Shih Mei-Chiung Research & Development Jinmei
Shin Lewis Radiology Marisela
Shrager Joseph Surgery Allison
Sinnott Schenkkan Patricia Research & Development Marisela
Sirich Tammy Medical Bertha
Sirjani Davud Surgery Allison
Skirboll Stephen Surgery Bertha
Smith R. Lane Research & Development Allison
Sobel Raymond Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Bertha
Sox-Harris Alexander HSR&D Daniel
Spence Allyson Medical Allison
Spin Josh Research & Development Marisela
Srinivas Sandy Medical Elaine
Stern Jordan Surgery Allison
Sun Yang Ophthamology Allison
Sung Kwang Surgery Allison
Suppes Patricia Psychiatry Jinmei
Swetter Susan Dermatology Allison
Tamura Manjula GRECC Daniel
Tawfik Vivianne Anesthesiology Marisela
Taylor Joy Psychiatry Jinmei
Teng Ellen Research & Development Elaine
Tenover Joyce GRECC Daniel
Teraoka Jeffrey Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Marisela
Thanassi Wendy Medical Karam
Tharin Suzanne Surgery Daniel
Thomas Mary Nursing Daniel
Tierney Michael Research & Development Marisela
Tiet Quyen Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Timko Christine HSR&D Daniel
Timmerman Molly Polytrauma Marisela
Tong Ian Medical Allison
Torok Natalie Medical Marisela
Trafton Jodie PERC Daniel
Trivedi Ranak Research & Development Daniel
Tsao Philip Research & Development Allison
Turakhia Mintu Medical Jinmei
Vasanawala Minal Nuclear Medicine Allison
Vashi Anita Research & Development Jinmei
Wager John Psychology Jinmei
Wagner Todd Research & Development Daniel
Walser Robyn Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Daniel
Wang Gloria Surgery Allison
Wang Kevin Dermatology Allison
Weitlauf Julie Psychiatry Marisela
Weyand Cornelia Medical Daniel
Williams Leanne Psychiatry Jinmei
Wiltsey Stirman Shannon Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Jinmei
Wong Jimmy Anesthesiology Marisela
Woodward Steven Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Bertha
Woolson Steven Surgery Allison
Wren Sherry Surgery Daniel
Wyss-Coray Tony Research & Development Elaine
Yang George Surgery Karam
Yasmin Sarah Psychiatry Marisela
Yesavage Jerome Psychiatry Jinmei
Yong Celina Medical Daniel
Yoon Jean Research & Development Marisela
Yoon Jong Psychiatry Daniel
Yu Wei Research & Development Daniel
Zabel Brian Research & Development Allison
Zakrasek Elissa Research & Development Allison
Zeiner Harriet Psychology Marisela
Zeitzer Jamie Psychiatry Bertha
Zimmerman Lindsey Nat'l Ctr for PTSD Bertha
Zulman Donna HSR&D Allison
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